My family

Viktor Kalev, Class 6a, Poland

My family consists of my mum, my dad, my sister and my brother.

My mum has straight black hair and brown eyes. She is a really nice and calm person that you can always trust. Her hobbies are playing the piano and reading books.

My dad has straight black hair and black eyes. He is smart, rational and a good father over all. His hobbies are collecting CDs and watching films.

My brother has straight black hair and brown eyes. He is smart and never gives up. His hobbies are playing games and watching movies.

My sister has long straight black hair and brown eyes. She is nice and a great listener.

And finally me – I have straight black short hair and black eyes. My hobbies are swimming, playing computer games and listening to music.

I also have an aunt, grandma, granddad and 2 cousins.

Maja Zając, Class 6a, Poland

My mum’s name is Ewa. She is a beautician. She has got long brown hair and grey eyes. She is short and I’m taller than my mum. She likes to ride a bike and listen to music. Her favourite band is Queen. She wants to read a lot of books but she hasn’t got time for it because she has got too many things to do. She can do beautiful manicure and make-up.

My dad’s name is Romek. He is a driver and he distributes beds and armchairs to hospitals in Poland. He’s got short black hair, a beard, a moustache and green eyes. He is very tall. He likes to work, ride a bike and play football. Football is his favorite sport. He can do a lot of things at the same time. He can cook very well.

I have a young sister and her name is Nina. She is four years old and she goes to preschool. She is very cute. She has got long curly blonde hair and green eyes. She likes to draw and learn new things. Also, she knows one letter „a” and she can write this letter. She is very intelligent even though she is young. Nina loves cats, princesses, pink colour and everything that has got glitter.

I love my family, they’re amazing!

Julian Szwejkowski, Class 4a, Poland

This is my family.

My mother has got long wavy brown hair. She’s got big eyes. She can play tennis and she can swim. She can’t play chess. She is a physiotherapist.

My father is tall. He has got short straight fair hair. He has got a pizza restaurant. He can play the guitar.

My aunt Justyna has got long straight brown hair. She’s got small ears. She can play tennis. She can’t sing. She is a lawyer.

My uncle Darren has got short straight grey hair. He’s tall. He can run, but he can’t do skateboarding tricks. He can cook very well. He is an English teacher.

My grandmother Anna has got two dogs. She can ride a bicycle, but she can’t do gymnastics. She is a doctor.

My grandfather Marek is tall. He has got short grey hair. He can save people, because he is a doctor. He can drive a car and ride a bicycle. He can’t run because he is too fat.

I love my family very much. 

Karolina Łącz, Class 6 , Poland

My brother’s name is Maciek and his second name is Kacper. He was born on 28th of March 2011. He is eight years old and he goes to the first grade.

He usually wears dark clothes and jeans. He has got blond, curly, short hair and blue eyes.

My brother likes playing Minecraft on the computer and drawing characters from this game. He doesn’t like playing games on the console. Maciek collects lego sets and Minecraft figurines. His favourite colours are green, blue, white, black and grey. His hobby is playing the guitar after school.

My brother goes to music classes at his school on Monday afternoons. Maciek also learns to swim. He likes jumping on a trampoline with me and my friend Emilia. Recently Maciek liked playing with wooden tracks and trains with a railway switch.

His favourite series of books is „Magic tree house”. Maciek reads short books because he is learning to read now.

My brother doesn’t like flowers and dangerous animals. Maciek’s favourite soft toy in his collection is a small brown squirrel.

His favourite subject at school is Polish language and he likes writing in his notebook.

My brothers’ best friends are Wojtek, Szymon and Krzysiek.

Natasza Kołodziej, Class 6a, Poland

I have got a small family. My close family consists of 6 people: my mom, sister, grandmom, grandad and my aunt. My mom is a beautiful woman. She has got long, brown hair and brown eyes. She is thin and medium height. My mom is smart and likeable. She is a lawyer and she works hard. My sister is sixteen, her name is Maja. She has got long, straight, fair hair. She is tall, thin and pretty. She is smart and creative. We sometimes fight but I love Maja. My grandmom is nice and helpful and my grandad is intelligent and friendly. My aunt is short and thin. She is protective and thoughtful. I  think my family is big enough.

Gustaw Majcher, Class 4a, Poland

My name is Gustaw. I am ten years old. I can swim very fast, but I can’t ski quickly. I can’t speak Chinese, but I can climb trees. I’ve got short, straight, black hair.

My sister Eliza is 7 years old. She can swim, but she can’t fly. She can’t speak English, but she can ride a bicycle. She has got long, straight, brown hair.

My father is 39 years old. He can tell jokes, but he can’t do skateboard tricks. He can’t speak Chinese, but he can play chess.

My mother is 39 years old. She can sing, but she can’t drive a car. She can’t climb trees, but she can dance.

We like to play games and travel a lot.

Julita Weselak, Class 6a, Poland

I have a big family, they live like me in Cracow.

My mother is Angelika. She has long dark hair, she’s skinny and wears glasses. She is 34 years old. She is kind and modest. I like to go shopping with her and talk about times when she was a little girl. She loves painting, but she doesn’t have too much time for it. Mom loves animals and flowers.

My dad is Rafał. He has short dark hair and he’s not tall. He is 35 years old. He is very funny. My dad likes good food and  watching movies. He works in the police. My dad works a lot, he is busy even on holidays.

My little brother is Wojtek.  He has short blonde hair, he is short and skinny. Wojtek has a favorite toy dog whose name is Chase. My brother likes to go to kindergarten. He is really cute and he likes to cook with our mum. Sometimes he is shy. Parents say, he is a calm and quiet child, so he’s different than me 🙂 I love him a lot.


Family from the mother’s side:

My grandpa’s name is Peter but we all call him Piotruś. Everyone likes him very much. He has short brown hair, a big belly and a moustache. He is tall and is 57 years old. Grandpa is good and caring. I really like fishing shells with him in the ocean. I go to Croatia with him every year. He likes to play computer games. He works at night as a driver and tries to rest during the day.

My grandma’s name is Beata. Granny has curly brown hair and light blue eyes. She is 57 years old and she’s very positive about life. She’s joyful. She taught me to play the guitar. She likes spending time in the garden.

My greatgrandfather’s name is Wiesław, but we all call him Wiesiu. He has short white hair and a big belly. He is 77 years old. He often treats us with sweets. He is caring and smart. He likes to play football with my brother Wojtek, watch TV, and eat apples 😉

My mother’s grandma lives in the same house. Her name is Irena. Everyone calls her grandma Irenka. She is very short and wears glasses.  Grandma is helpful and very active, she helps everyone.

My uncle’s name is Sebastian. He is my mother’s brother. He has short black hair. He is very tall and skinny .He is funny and nice. He is strong and works in the army. Uncle has a small daughter of the same age as my brother. I like meeting my uncle, aunt and the little cousin. My aunt is very pretty and friendly.


Family from the father’s side:

My grandpa is Bogdan. We all call him Busiu or Boguś. He has short grey hair. He is very skinny and tall. He is 59 years old and he likes to watch football matches. He is calm and kind. Grandfather was a policeman in the past.

My grandma is Halina. She has short blond hair. She likes watching TV programs and meeting her friends.

My dad has a younger brother. His name is Mariusz. He is also a policeman. Uncle loves to ride a motorcycle. He has a son, David. David is clever and even-tempered.


This is my most close family. I like when we spend time together. My whole family is very crazy and funny. I have a very good relationship with them and I’m very happy about it.

Emilia Staniszewska, Class 6a, Poland

My name is Emilia and I would like to describe my family. My family is big. It has 5 members: my parents, 2 elder brothers and me. My mother’s name is Ewa. She is 40 years old and she works with my dad in the company. My mum is very beautiful. She is tall and slim. She has blue eyes and long blond hair. She is always well dressed and elegant. My mother is always nice and I can rely on her.

My father’s name is Jurek. He is 49 years old. He is tall and well-built. Dad has got dark hair and green eyes. He likes playing tennis. I like spending time with him because he’s got a great sense of humor.

My brothers are Jerzy and Michał. Michał is 15 years old. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is tall and thin. Michał likes dancing and is learning at a ballet school in Warsaw. My brother is very funny. Jerzy is 19 years old. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Jerzy is very smart and I like playing chess with him.

We all love travelling, so we often make trips to visit new places. This is my family and I love them very much.

Kacper Kwiecień, Class 6a, Poland

I’m Kacper. I’m 13 years old. I live in Cracov with my mum, dad and little sweet sister.

My mum`s name is Kasia. She is a teacher. She works with little children. She is short and slim. She has got brown hair and brown eyes. My dad`s name is Piotrek. He is an engineer. He works in a university. He is tall and handsome and he has got short, brown hair. My sister’s name is Lena. She is four years old. She likes horses and lego blocks. She has got medium-length brown hair and brown eyes.

I like spending time with my family. We usually go for a walk, ride bikes and rest in the bosom of nature.

My dad has two sisters and two brothers. They are my favourite uncles and aunts. They live in the country near Kielce.

Our family is big and unique. My favourite moments are where we are all together.


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