My week

Mikołaj Garb, Class 5a, Poland

My day begins at 7.00 AM , later I have breakfast ( usually milk soup). Next I brush my teeth for 4 minutes. I go to school at 7.40 AM.

My lessons start at 8 o’clock. In the school we learn Geography, English, Polish, maths, PE, IT, music, art, history and biology. I usually have six lessons.

On Monday I go to the swimming pool and the gym after school. On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have got additional English lessons. On Thursday I go to the swimming pool at 6.45 PM. On Friday I go to the scout meetings.

At the weekend I sometimes go to grandparents to the countryside. But usually I stay home and I play games on xbox with friends or I go to the pitch and play football.

Zuzanna Karcz, Class 5a, Poland

My week starts on Monday when I wake up at 7:00 AM and go to school. After school I sometimes hang out with my friends. Next I go home, eat dinner and have a short rest. After the rest I do my homework. When I finish homework, I listen to music and learn Korean. My Tuesday looks similar, but after school I don’t hang out with my friend because I go to the pool. I really like swimming. On Wednesday after school I learn Korean and hang out with my friends, do my homework and get ready for Thursday. This Wednesday is different because my school has The Sports Day once a year. On Thursday after homework and learning for Friday exams I usually go to the cinema. I like Marvel productions. On Friday a school week ends and a weekend starts. Friday and Saturday are my favourite days. These days are really relaxing. At weekend I do Friday homework, study and go for a walk with my family.


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