My diet

Gustaw Majcher, Class 4a, Poland

I like tasty food. My favourite food are pizza, spaghetti and ice-cream, but they aren’t healthy. I need to eat more fruit and vegetables.

For breakfast I like eggs and sandwiches with cheese and lettuce or bacon and tomato. I like some milk with cereal, too.

For lunch, I eat a roll with ham and ketchup, and some biscuits.

I eat soup and the main course for dinner. My favourite soup is cucumber soup. I like chicken soup, too. For the main course I like turkey with salad and rice or fish with potatoes and carrots. I drink some water and juice.

For dessert I like ice-cream or apple pie.

I also eat a lot of apples, oranges, bananas, kiwi fruits, raspberries, grapefruits and lemons. I like strawberries with cream and sugar.


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