My holidays

Gabriela Gradzi, Class 5a, Poland

My best holidays were last year, that is 2018. That trip was to Portugal to the island of Madeira. I was there with my mother, cousin, aunt and uncle. We were there 10 days. We flew by plane from the airport in Katowice. The departure was at 6:41. We flew six hours without any turbulence. I love to fly by plane.

We were in a botanical garden where turtles were large. We were at the Cristiano Ronaldo museum. The last two days of our stay the staff served ice cream for 2 euros. It was the best in the whole world.

Stanisław Kałuża, Class 6a, Poland

My best holidays that I remember was in 2016. We went with my family to Bosnia I Herzegovina in July. We were supposed to go to Croatia, but we decided to stay in Medziugorie, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina and commute to the Croatian sea.

We traveled to Medziugorie for over thirteen hours because we had to drive 1343 kilometres. On holidays we were fourteen days. During this time we visited Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We visited the old bridge there. We drove a lot to the beaches of Gradac and Split. We also wanted to sail to the island of Korcula, but we were late and the ship sailed away. When we arrived, we returned to the car and drove to see Dubrovnik.

I liked those holidays. We visited a lot of new places worth seeing.

Szymon Golonka, Class 3a, Poland

I like to spend my holidays at the seaside because I like swimming in the sea, playing on the sand and spending time with my family. I also like diving using a diving mask and flippers. I love to watch the underwater world and the fishes and any other water creatures. I like to sleep in the tent on the campsite. On the campsite you can make friends with kids from all over the world and you can improve your English. That is why I like to learn English at school. This year I‘m going with my family to Tenerife and I’m going to spend a lot of time in the water. I also want to discover the island – it’s nature and animals. I cannot wait to go there.


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