My favourite animal

Ziemowit Hanasiewicz, Class 6a, Poland

My favourite animal is a snake. I really like snakes, they are very interesting! For example there is a snake that can kill a million mice with the maximum amount of venom (used at one time)! Snakes are also very nice to people if they take good care of them. It’s a little bit weird but actually snakes have cool skin. It is very nice to the touch!
Taking care of snakes is really hard! If you have a big snake you need to feed it with mice that are alive! What about small snakes? They eat small mice that don’t even have hair! You need to keep them in a freezer (they are dead of course).
My favourite snake is Boa, because it looks great. I have always wanted to have a snake in my house but my mum says that she hates snakes, and having one in home would be a nightmare for her. I’m a little bit sad about this…


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