My life experience

Zuzanna Woźniak, Class 6a, Poland

In my life, I haven’t really done anything interesting.

Once, when I was eight years old, me and my cousin went to an aqua park in Warsaw. I remember that I almost got lost because I had come back to use the waterslide once again, so she had to search for me. That was probably the most “exciting” thing that ever happened to me.

I have visited a few different cities in Poland, which are – Warsaw, Gdańsk and Sopot. Maybe I have visited more, but I don’t remember. I have also been to a place called Wysoka Wieś (I just recently found out the name of this village, I did not even know that it was one). Outside of Poland, I have been to Japan, where I spent a week in Fukuoka, UAE, where I spent a few days more in Dubai and Singapore. This summer holiday I’m going to fly to South Korea.

I have tried to learn many languages – unfortunately, apart from Polish and English, I still can’t speak any. I can only call my basic German decent.

I have taken part in a lot of English contests, and in one I even got the first place.

I have never lived outside of Cracow, but the time I have spent in Warsaw where my cousin lives is probably a few months – I go there every holiday for even a few weeks.

I have also been trying to draw, but when I learnt some basics, I got a long break and forgot everything.

I have watched a lot of bad TV shows. When I’m with my cousin, we always watch a few of those every day because we like to make fun of them. I have also watched some good things, of course, but they aren’t even half as funny as those ones!

I have tried cooking. While I’m not horrible at it, I still have to train a lot. I find cooking really relaxing, I don’t know why.


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