The international project is now on!

The idea was once born in the picturesque seaside town called Budva in Montenegro. It was during one of the workshops for teachers from 17 countries who decided to team up and let their students experience a similar cultural exchange.

Intercultural exchange

The aim of this project is to learn about other cultures and communicate with them successfully. We will share and learn with and from each other. We will use different strategies to understand and be understood by others. We will use our critical and creative thinking skills to complete the tasks.

It will all broaden our horizons and help us look at our own cultures from different perspectives. Maybe we will even make lifelong friendships, too!

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Hands-on experience

When and how do we learn best? Of course, by doing and experiencing the world! The project is surely a great opportunity to talk and interact with peers from other countries. We will write articles, create surveys, solve common problems and take part in quizzes and contests. Finally, we will comment on each others’ work and reflect on the overall experience.

How are we going to do all of these to achieve a common goal? We are going to use the available tools (including English!) and technologies which make everyday communication easy regardless of the distance.

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Having said that, we are all looking forward to this amazing experience! It is going to start very soon and will last till May 2019.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegowina, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland have already joined the project. Will anyone else be interested?

Videoconference between Poland and the Czech Republic

On May, 26th the Polish students from Krakow had an opportunity to participate in a videoconference with the Czech students from Olomouc.

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The meeting was the culmination of all they had been working on for several months: preparing questionnaires for peers, writing reports, creating articles and even posing for group photos.

During the videoconference the students introduced themselves by saying a few words about their hobbies and interests. They also asked and answered questions concerning their lifestyle, school life and spare time. Despite some minor technical problems, the videoconference was a great success! The students broke the ice, overcame stress and improved their language skills during authentic communication with friends from abroad.

Because the project is growing in popularity among the students, it is going to be continued in the next school year. However, there will be some new and even more challenging tasks 🙂 Stay tuned!