About us

In this section you can read about the classes or groups that participate in the project. What schools do we go to? What subjects do we have? What do our classrooms look like? What do we do in class? What is our English language experience? What are other interesting facts about us? Let’s find out!


We are a small Primary School no 10 in Krakow, Poland. We are located in the city centre near the Vistula River. There are around 200 pupils in our school.

Primary School no 10 in Krakow

We are class 6a. We are 12-13 years old. In our class there are 18 students. There are 6 girls and 12 boys. In our school we don’t have to wear uniforms. We usually start classes at 8 am and have 6-7 lessons a day, but for example on Thursday we can choose to have 2 more lessons. Our subjects are: Polish, English, maths, science, IT, history, PE, art, music, RE and family education. Our holidays are Christmas , Easter, a winter break that is 2 weeks long and a 2 months‘ summer break which begins at the end of June and lasts until the beginning of September.

In most of our classrooms we have interactive boards, OH projectors, CD players, TV sets and in the IT room we have computers and we should be getting tiny robots soon. Something special about our school is that we have Young Learners Resource Center and a ballet school.

Young Learners Resource Center Krakow

We have been learning English for 6 years. Some of us had English even in the nursery. We have English lessons 5 times a week (3 lessons based on the curriculum and 2 extra lessons within the pedagogical innovation “Discover the World through CLIL”) . We use course books, workbooks and notebooks.  We listen, speak, read and write in class. We also do a lot of  different group projects.

At the weekends we usually watch films on Netflix, hang out with friends, read books, play sports, play computer games, study for school and visit our families from time to time.

In our city the most interesting attractions are The Old City, Market Square, The Wawel Castle, The Dragons ‘Den,  Planty Park and a lot of interesting museums.

                                                                                                          Viktor Kalev, class 6a

                                                                                              Anna Jurczak, English teacher

The Czech Republic

We are 1.A8. It is our first year at grammar school Hejčín (eight-year study programme). In our class we have 29 students, 10 girls and 19 boys. Our age is about 12. We have 1 head teacher, she teaches us Czech and Music. We also have 13 other teachers. We don´t wear uniforms at our school.

Our school is very big. It is called Gymnazium Olomouc-Hejčín. We have 989 students, 34 classes, 3 buildings and 1 big canteen. We also have 5 gyms, a big running track and a huge football field. We love our school!

We have eleven different subjects, e.g. Maths, Czech, English, History, P.E. … Every day we have 6 lessons except for Friday, when we have 5 lessons. One lesson lasts 45 min. Between lessons we have a break, which lasts 10 min. (but we have 1 snackbreak, which lasts 20 min.) Our lessons start at 8 a.m. and finish at 1:30 p.m. After lessons we go for lunch to the school canteen. We have several holidays – in the summer (2 months), in the autumn (3 days), in the spring (1week), at Christmas (10days), at Easter (3days).

We’ve been learning English for around six years. We have English classes four times a week and we’re divided into groups. We work with English Files (text books), we have vocabulary and exercise books. We write a test every Thursday into our test books. We work with magazines called ,,Crown’’. Some of us also go to private English lessons. In our classroom we have a blackboard, a CD player, a PC, an interactive board and an OH projector.

Group 1 Ami, Maru, Marťa

Group 2 Florian, Mark, Marek

Group 3 Adam, Filip, Judi

Group 4 Tom, Sam Vašek