My favourite book

David, the Czech Republic

Well, this topic is not exactly right… I don’t have a favourite book. But I have a favourite genre of books. And my favourite genre of books is… Fantasy.
I didn’t always liked fantasy the most, it had a war with Sci-fi (and still has), but, now it is my favourite genre of books. “And why fantasy?” you might have ask. Well, I don’t know. I think it’s because of the magic and creatures and so on. Yeah that might be it.

I don’t have a favourite author, but 2 favourite authors. First of them is Christopher Paolini, he did a really good four books old serie about a boy named Eragon (Ruda was talking about it); and the second one is Erin Hunterová. Now this is not a typical author, because it’s 9 authors in one. She (they) are writing a very good serie. In fact, it has 3 series and every serie has 6 books. But in czech there are only first five books of first serie, and in English there are a total of 10 books now. This summer will (hopefully) be released the sixth book.
So yeah, that’s it.

Ema, the Czech Republic

My favorite book – Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children is the first part of the trilogy, but still the best. The story is about Jake, his granfather and grandfathers old friends on remote island. Grandpa’s friends aren’t normal, quite the opposite. It started with stories and pictures and ended with ….. OK, no spoilers here :). It’s an adventurous, exciting and a breathtaking story. I’d like to write more about the plot here, but the amazing storyline doesn’t fit into a hundred words and ….. I can’t describe it as amazingly as it is when you feel the book in your hands and smell the new book. So maybe it will be best if you read yourself.

Karolina, the Czech Republic

My name is Karolína and I love Harry Potter movies and books. My favourite book is Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix, because I love how they practise spells. I do not really like Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, it is boring for me. My favourite movie is Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, because I do not really like Voldemort and this is the only film without Voldemort. I do not like Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, I think the book is better. My favourite characters are Ginny Weasly, Ron Weasly and Seamus Finigan.


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