My pet

Gabi Gradzi, Class 5a, Poland

My  hamster’s  name  is  Stuard and he is four months. This is my first pet. Stuard is very little. Stuard has got two smalls grey ears and a small pink nose . He has got very big black eyes. He has got four toes. He has got  black, brown and white fur .

He is a Syrian hamster. This breed of hamster is very big. It can be up to twenty centimetres long. My hamster is big but thin. My hamster is very kind and sporty. Kind – because he responds when I call his name. Sporty – because he starts at 8.30 p.m. and runs in his spinning wheel all night.

I love my hamster very,very, very much and I’ve had him only for twenty two days.

Maciej Zaborowski, Class 5a, Poland

Hello ! My name is Matt.I’m eleven years old. My hobby is reading books, playing football, playing games and playing with my dog, Mati.

Mati is a scrub. I adopted him one and a half year ago. He is black, brown and has a white tie. Mati is crazy, funny and sporty. It is faster than me and my friends. I like playing with Mati very much. I usually go out with Mati 3 to 4 times a day. He sleeps when I’m at school, when I’m not at home and when I sleep.

To sum up, Mati sleeps many hours a day. He is very clever because I taught him to sit down and to lie down, to give a paw and how to pretend a dead dog. I love him very much.

Kacper Lewandowski, Class 5a, Poland

My pet is a cat. His name is Mruczek. Mruczek is very crazy, sporty, clever, funny and very lazy. He has got black ears, a tail and big, green eyes. He is 1 year old. He is very scared of water just like all cats. He doesn’t like hunting mice but he likes eating meat and drinking milk. He often goes home at the night. When he doesn’t go home at night he goes to the forest and he hunts mice. I like him very much.      

Julian Szwejkowski, Class 4a, Poland

There are three dogs in my family.

My grandparents have got two dogs. They are Stefan and Beniek. Stefan is the biggest. He has got long wavy light brown hair. Beniek has got short curly brown hair. Beniek is the oldest.

My mother and I have got one dog, Bolek. He’s got long straight brown hair. He is the smallest.

Stefan and Bolek can run very fast. Beniek is very slow.

Stefan likes chasing deer. Deer live near my grandparents’ house. Stefan is a very happy dog. Beniek likes sleeping. Bolek is a very fast dog. He likes chasing a ball.

We take our dogs for a walk at weekends. We go to a big field near my grandparents’ house.

We all love our dogs very much.

Maciej Kossowicz-Reroń, Class 3a, Poland

My favourite animal is a dog. I do not like cats that much. I do not have a dog because my mom does not let me have one. If I had a dog my dog would be small and white. I would call my dog Rox. My dog would often run in the garden or in the bushes. During a storm my dog would stay in my room and sleep in my bed. I would love it but my mom would not like it. Rox’sfavourite food would be fish, carrots, chocolate and chicken. I would be very happy to have a dog and I would love him very much.

Sabina Stankiewicz, Class 5a, Poland

My parents had a parrot Pola. She was a Nimfa. I don’t know very much about her, but Pola squawked at Goran, my cat.

I had two cats. My first cat’s name was Goran. He was like a tiger – ginger with orange stripes. When I returned home from the hospital where I was born, he was there. Goran was maybe 2 times bigger than me. My parents laugh at that picture, but for me it is cute. Goran was very calm and caring. When I was 9 years old, he died 😦

My second cat was Kazik. He was really funny and wild.

I walked with him near the school. He was climbing trees when I was taking the rubbish out! Lat summer my cat was at the gradmum’s allotment. On the third day Kazik brought granmum a mouse. She was really scared , but Kaziu was really happy about his big hunt. He got a deadly sickness Leukiemia and after that a Cancer. We thought he had food poisoning, but not. Vet made a mistake or lied to us. When Kazik was 1 and half year he died.

Now I have got a cat Albert. He is 1 year old. He is a British cat. He has got grey, dirty pink and black fur He has got big orange eyes. He’s very lazy, but he knows how to cath flies in his claws! He had a grey sister with yellow eyes. Now he has to look after his new sister…!

I have got a dog Pola. She is 4 months old and Pola is very ,very active animal. She is Jack Russel Terrier breed of dog. She is white and ginger. Now she is running in my room with Albert! HELP! She is a child, but a very smart child.

Maja Zając, Class 6a, Poland

I have a cat and her name is Kita. She is 9 years old. My parents gave the cat to me when I was four. Kita has got black fur and beautiful green eyes. Her fur is very soft. She is big and fat because she loves to eat.

Her hobby is sleeping and eating. She doesn’t like to run or go for a walk because she is too lazy. She likes to sleep in my bed. She can open the door to the kitchen when she needs to eat. She also likes to lie on her blue blanket. Sometimes she eats my mum’s flowers and then she’s got a stomachache.

I love my cat so much because she’s lovely.

Stanisław Kałuża, Class 6a, Poland

My favourite animal is a rabbit because it is sociable, and it likes to play. The rabbit I have is called Kicek. He is four years old. The colour of his skin is brown and white. Kicek likes to eat carrots, apples and lettuce. He likes to walk very much.

Kicek comes out of the cage up to 7 times a day. My rabbit does not like people. When my friend wants him to eat, he becomes aggressive and can bite. The funniest thing is when Kicek wants to eat my hair because he thinks it’s grass.

In the future I will have a cat because having cats has always been my dream. When I have a cat, I will name him Gacek.

Zdzisław Hanasiewicz, Class 3a, Poland

My dog’s name is Berto. He is a seven year-old Standard Schnauzer. He looks like a dog. He is black, he has got four legs, a medium tail and a massive muzzle. His muzzle is really sweet with black eyes and bushy beard. He is so funny. He is always happy when we come home. He loves sleeping, so he sleeps forty percent of the day.

Last weekend a funny story happened. My cousins visited me, they left doughnuts in a bag on the floor in the hall, we went for a walk without Bert. When we came back, he started to eat the doughnuts although he had three hours to do it.

Unfortunately Bert is very sickly. He has got problems with thyroid, paws, skin and ears☹.

Bert eats dry dog food, he loves kabanos sausages and he drinks fresh cold water. Bert goes for a walk with my elder brother three times a day. We say that he is a cross between: a kangaroo, a cat, a dog and a vacuum cleaner because he jumps like a kangaroo when we come home, he sits on the windowsill like a cat and he eats everything like a vacuum cleaner.

Everyone in my family loves Bert because it is the sweetest dog in the world.

Nikodem Radwan, Class 5a, Poland

I’m going to say something about my pets : Tosiek and Whisky. They are not actually my pets but they live with my grandmother. Tosiek and Whisky are cats. Tosiek is a white cat with brown patches on the head and paws. He is medium size and he is very fast. He loves when somebody hugs him. He is sporty, shy and active. Tosiek likes his snacks but he doesn’t like his anti-tick collar.

Whisky is big, fat and gray with darker stripes. She loves to sleep on me or on my aunt. This cat enjoys eating very very much.

Tosiek and Whisky like to be together. Sometimes Tosiek goes out and he comes back with a lot of bruises. It’s a fun fact – he is like a warrior. Whisky is lazy and funny. I sometimes call her “pulpet”. Whisky is very worried when Tosiek is outside because she is like Tosiek’s mom. When Tosiek was small he was like a space rocket, he was a little robber. This cat stole me one pasty.

In the past Whisky wasn’t very fat and she was active like Tosiek, but now you don’t want to be in the moment when she lies down on your face at night- it’s terrible! You almost can’t breathe. It’s very hot and she doesn’t smell very good.

I love them both very much

Julia Ślęczka, Class 5a, Poland

My dog’s name is Platon and he is 6 years old . I’ve had him for 5 years. I adopted him from the shelter. Platon weighs 18 kilos. Platon has got two black ears and a small black nose. He has got two brown eyes. He has got four legs and one long tail. He has got black and white fur.

He is a cross between a labrador and some other dog. My dog is very funny and sporty. Funny – because he barks when I laugh or when I fool around . Sporty – because he loves to go with us to the mountains where he covers long distances of about 10-15 kilometers .

I love my dog very much ! ❤

My ambition

Virna Pasmaqi, Class VIIIA, Albania

  • People have a lot of ambitions and dreams and they make it a goal to achieve them. As for me I’ve never stuck with something I always change my ideas as they’re not really clear at the moment.I see things that attract me but it doesn’t last for long. In life we want the best we want to have a successful career , a loving family a big house etc… but for me I’d rather do something fun and not stay in an office all day surrounded by four walls and I can’t even enjoy the things I get for it because as soon as I finish work there are always more stuff to do.
  • Maybe for some it may seem ridiculous and childishly but when I grow up I want to be an animator. An animator draws , draws with their heart not their head. They let out everything they have and put it into the drawing. Just the fact that I’m free to do whatever I want , I can let my spirit free intrigues me.
  • To achieve you’re dreams and ambitious we have to work hard because the harder u work the luckier u are.But sometimes it scares me because what if my dream does not happen , will just have to change my ways ? And this may not seem as the best idea but different people have different concepts of what’s best and this is the best for me and we can not seek  perfection when perfection doesn’t exist . however I believe that people shouldn’t have high expectations and live by the opportunities life gives them because beggars can’t be choosers.

My favourite teacher

Isli Ibrushi, 13 years old, Class VII-B, Albania

My favourite teacher is my history teacher. Her name is Hatixhe Llapushi or short Xhexhi. She takes our attendance and teaches us History and Citizenship subject. She is well educated. She follows very easy and effective teaching strategies to teach us all the subjects. I never miss her class and attend daily. I like the way she teaches us as we do not need to study that subject at home again. We become very clear about the topic. She teaches us in the classroom. After clearing the concept of topic, she makes us a little rest. Sometimes she gives us homework. In spite of the subjects, she teaches us good ethics and etiquette also to make us strong by character. 

Luciano Shkrepi , Class 7-C, 13 years old, Albania

I am Luciano Shkrepi.I am 13 years old and I study in Qamil Guranjaku school.The teacher I love most is my English teacher Gerta Lolja.I like her  more than anyone else  because she makes us the lesson easier ,teaches us with  a lot of passion makes us even feel comfortable talking and discussing during the lesson freely.She also considers us and treats us warmly .

Her way of teaching is very good. She’s very patient and enthusiastic to teach us whenever we had questions in her classes . All in all she  is an ideal and excellent teacher if all the teacher were as good as she is with us.

Viktor Kalev, Class 6a, Poland

My favorite subject in school is either English or IT but I don’t have a favorite teacher because I have two favorite teachers.

The first teacher I am going to talk about is our Polish teacher. She is very smart and always knows how to teach us the subject. My second favorite teacher is our English teacher. She is also very smart and teaches us very well. She always finds different and interesting ways to teach English.

My favorite subject is English because I am very good at it. Of course the other reason is that we have a very good English teacher that can teach us new important stuff about the language.  IT is my 2nd favorite subject because of the fact that our it teacher teaches us very useful things.

My street

Sara Terziu, 16 years old, Class 10 F, Albania

Today,I’m going to talk about my street.Well,bettersaid,my old street.I grew up at my cousin’s house,so I can easily consider it as my ex-street.

Even though “Don Bosko” is a street full of fancy cars and stuff like that,I remember every detail of the unfancy life there.

At the head of the street was a barber shop.The barber’s name was Ben.He was a friendly person who would always buy me popsicles,but you have to be careful when you are close to him.He is always carring a scissor.In the evening,the whole neighbourhood used to gather at his barber shop and listen to his fancy stories in Denmark.

As you walk by,ypu have two groceries stores.For years they have been racing with each-other.If you had a bag of groceries that weren’t from their stores,you’d better run home before they shouted your name and saying that no one liked their stuff.They were funny though.I really miss those mornings when they poured coffee at each-others plants.

Also,what’s a street without the different kinds of neighbours ? At my street,you had the friendly one (Ili),the scary but funny one (Elsa),the serious and the educated one (aunt Maria),

As you can see it’s just a normal street with a lot of memories on it.

My house and my dream house

Marina Leka, Albania

My house is in Elbasan ,Albania. It is very big and surrounded by a lot of trees. My house has got three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. The rooms are large and spacious. The living room is warm and inviting, with soft cushions, colourful paintings and a big fireplace in the corner. The fireplace is my favourite place in the living room, because  in the winter  there I read books or play with my little brother. My bedroom is decorated with colourful butterfly and the walls are a sunny yellow so I always feel happy  there. My  mum loves the kitchen because it has all the latest electrical  gadgets. I love my house. My  dream house has got shape of a big ball with a pool indoor.  On one  of the ball there is my bedroom.I will have my room with special decoration . It will be very big  and there will be a very large library, but my dream house will not be on the Earth, but  on the Moon. On  the  Moon I will fly and in the evening  I observe the starts and the planets  around it. I love my dream house.

Maciej Kossowicz-Reroń, Class 3a, Poland

In my house there are two bathrooms. There are three rooms: Jack’s room, Maciek’s room and my parents’ room. We have got an attic and a cellar. We have got a living room and a small kitchen. There are three balconies in my house. We also have got a big terrace with six chairs, one black table and white and grey swing. We also like our beautiful green garden. We like playing in the garden. We have got a garage where we keep all tools. In my house there is a library room with a lot of books. I like my house because my family lives there.

My favourite subject

Besjan Behrami, 14 years old, Class VIIIA, Albania

I want to share with you my preferences about history. History as you may understand is my favourite subject at school. I like it very much because I want to know everything about the history of different people all over the world. I love history because it makes clear our origin, where we come from, the difficult path of life the people have passed through. It is a long way full of difficulties, struggles, efforts, defeats and victories the people have faced through the time to become what they are today.

It is interesting to know and learn the way people lived in the past, exploring even how we developed through the centuries. History teaches us how the people have changed from unorganised tribes to great civilisations.

History shows us not only the different features of the people all around the globe, but even the struggles the human race have faced through the centuries.

There are two main periods that I love to explore.

  1. Antiquity.

I like studying this period of time because it teaches us how we developed from the uncivilized people to conquerors of the world. This part of history has had many famous people, like Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus, Pyrrhus of Epirus, Alexander the Great and Emperor Trajan of Rome etc. Not only that but the time of great invention such as Democracy, Mathematics etc.

  1. Modern era.

This includes the periods between 1600-2018. I like this period because it’s the time of great achievements the creation of the first car, the first aeroplane flight, the invention of the computers, mobiles, the invention of the lamp and electricity and different and very important rules of the field of Physics. Not only that but even great events such as the two world wars, Vietnam War, Seven years war, Napoleonic war and the American civil wars but it’s also the time of great revolutions such as the French, Russian and American Revolutions.

History should be studied because it teaches us that we should be grateful for the things we have faced different wars, pandemics etc.

Ziemowit Hanasiewicz, Class 6a, Poland

My favourite subject is English. I have been learning English for 8 years, because it’s the most important language nowadays. Every time I go abroad for holiday, to communicate I need to speak English. If I want to order something (like food or drinks), in a hotel to check in I need to say it in English. Because this language is very popular, it’s really useful.
Personally I have English lessons 5 times in school and once at home every week. I take part in almost every English contest in my school and sometimes I win prizes.
Teachers that teach me English are really nice and they help me a lot with improving my language skills. They also help me with studying for contests.
I think that I couldn’t stop speaking English even for a week, because I use it very often.

My friend

KejsiKoburi, 14 years old, Class VIIIB, Albania

I’m going to be talking about my best friend.She has been my best friend since fourth grade and we haven’t separated since.

Let me start with an introduction.Her name is Anna and she is 14.She is a shy type of girl and doesn’t like to talk a lot with people she doesn’t know,but once you get to know her you’ll understand she is such a great bestfriend.Anna has short,brown hair and a cute small face.Her eyes are like a hazelnut color and her lips are like a little rose petal.She isn’t the type of girl that likes to mess around and gossip,she is that loyal friend and she might seem cold in the outside but once you get to know her she has a heart of gold.Anna is a fan of football and we often watch matches together.Me and Anna haven’t ever debated or talked behind each other back.Anna is that type of friend that will always tell you mature advice and on the same time get you in awesome adventures.Although she changed school we are still bestfriends and sometimes I think she was a gift sent to me to protect me and support me through thick and thin.

Gisela Pepaj ,15 years old, Albania


To start the essay right i have to present myself. I’m Gisela Pepaj ,15 years old and I study in „Qamil Guranjaku” school. This year Im in the last year of secondary school and the next year  I will start the high-school. Today I’m not going to talk longer about myself, because in focus is my bestfriend and I’m going to tell you everything about her.

 Her name is Enxhi, is 15-years old, study in „Turgu Ozal” school and is also in the last year of secondary school. She’s 1.62 tall and weight 60 kg. She’s blonde with blue eyes and also has a small face with sharped physionomy. 

   Stella’s hobbies are playing volley, reading books and also the first one who is worth to be mentioned is playing piano. She has been practicing piano for 4 years now and she really enjoys it. She has taken part in many competitions and also win many trophys. She also plays sometimes for me and I really like it.

   Last summer we meet in the beach and spend some days there together. We went for coffee in the mornings , the afternoons we spent in beach playing volley and in the night we sometimes go to party.

  Stella is a really good friend for me. She is brave,courageous,smart and really sweet. She support me for everything and is with me for every bad situation I have to pass through. She is a really good girl and also a good girl. I always talk with her in afternoons with FaceTime or Whatsapp and share with each-other everything we have done all the day. 

  So that’s all Ihave to write for my friend but that’s not enough because nothing can describe well her beautiful spirit and character. I only forgot something: I love her and I appreciate her for who she is, I will never try to change who she is. I love the way she is.

Uarda Gjyli, Class VII-A, Albania

Today I’ll be talking about my friends

I don’t have a lot of friends even though I know lots of school mates. I talk to everyone and stay almost with all of them whenever I have some free time during either the short breaks  or lunch break but this is not a reason to call all of them friends. To me a friend is someone I know very well, who cares, loves and accepts me the way I am. A friend is a person who I can talk to about my problems and other personal things and he or she won’t tell anyone or won’t judge my actions.

Last year I used to have a lot of friends that have changed a lot recently and I can say I don’t know them anymore. I trusted them a lot and no matter how much I did for them in the past they stabbed me in the back.

I made some new friends and I thought our friendship would last a lot but in fact it didn’t.  They went out of my life the same way the old ones did.

There was a period  that I used to stay alone because I was afraid of making new friends. The reason why is that I didn’t want to lose my friends over and over again. I was really sad about this fact and one day I started thinking that it was all my fault, I thought I wasn’t good  enough for them.

During this time I met a girl, who’s now my best friend, and she has helped me a lot so far. She gave me advice how to face that problem and she still does. I tell her everything and I know that those things will be safe with her. She’s older than me knows more than more about this “friendship stuff”. I know that even if I’m wrong she’ll be there advising me and helping me to do things better.

Now I can say that I have really good friends who really love me and need me too. I am really happy for having this kind of friends.

Karolina Łącz, Class 6a, Poland

My best friend is Emilia. She is thirteen years old. Emilka’s birthday is on November 23rd. She has got beautiful big blue eyes, a small nose and long brown hair. Emilia usually wears colourful T-shirts, black shoes and black leggings.

She was born and lived in Russia, but three years ago she moved to Cracow with her mum, dad and brothers.She goes to school and class with me. We met at the school at the beginning of the school year in 2016. Since that time we have been the best friends.

Emilka likes gymnastics and drawing. She goes to drawing classes in her free time because it is her passion. Emilka used to learn to dance one year ago, but now she doesn’t like it. In our free time we go to the swimming pool together.

Her favourite school subject is P.E. Spaghetti and pancakes are her favourite food. Emilka’s favourite colours are purple, black and grey. Her favourite book is “The Magic Tree and the Mystery of the Bridge”.

Emilka likes watching movies and going to the cinema. I like to play board games with her. Our favourite games are „Dobble” and „Rummikub”. I like her because she is funny and always ready to help.

Natasza Kołodziej, Class 6a, Poland

My best friend’s name is Maja. She is thirteen years old. She is a beautiful girl. She has got long, blonde hair and green eyes. She is short and thin. She is smart, creative and shy. She has got lots of great ideas. She is very ambitious. She likes reading books and she likes to go to the park. She studies hard and she wants to have good grades. She can sing very well. She can also ride a bike and she can rollerblade. In the future Maja wants to be a teacher or a doctor. She wants to help other people by healing them. I really like my best friend. 

Viktor Kalev, Class 6a, Poland

I am going to talk about my first friend I have ever had. His name is Ogi. He has short black hair and blue eyes. He is a very competitive person. We would normally have different types of competitions with one another. He is very polite and smart. His favorite hobby is playing football and, if I am correct, he also likes to listen to music a lot. I met him when I first started going to kindergarten in Bulgaria. We were best friends after kindergarten. We and the whole class went to the same school. I was in the same class where Ogi was till we were in 5th grade. After the summer break, my family moved to Poland but I still visit my best friend whenever our family goes to Bulgaria.

Zuzanna Karcz, Class 5a, Poland

My best friends are Sabina, Julka, Julia, Ala and Gaba. We all are in the same class. We have known each other for 5 years. We have common interests and we like to hang-out. We like to sing and dance to K-pop music. We like to go to the cinema, eat ice-cream and go for a walk. Recently we were on Dawid Kwiatkowski’s concert and The Festival of Colors.

Sabina is blonde. She is very smart. She likes drawing and she does it nicely. Julka is brunette. She is friendly and funny. Julia is blonde. She draws beautiful pictures. Ala is brunette. She is very tall and very skinny. Gaba has long dark hair. She is funny and she writes nice poems. All of us are different, but we like to talk to each other. We can tell secrets to one another. I hope this friendship will be to the last class or maybe longer.

My free time and hobbies

Agim Gremi, 13 years old , Albania

In my free time I like to study and do school things . I love science and I do experiments all the time all kinds of experiments from science and from Biology its so fun and mysterious .

Of course I play with my phone and my friends , half a day . 2 to 3 hours I like to stay on social media and the last  but not less important is watching Netflix I spend like six hours a day watching !Three of my favourite movies are : Chilling adventures od Sabrina Spellman , Riverdale and Santa Clarita’s Diet

That’s my day of free time

See you in next writing


Noel Gega, Class VII-B, 13 years old, Albania

Hello I’m Noel and I am 13 years old. I have more hobby but one favorite is basketball, because is a beautiful game.

I’m in Elbasan basketball team and I’m deputy captain. I started the basketball course when I was eight years old. I think than in future I will be a basketball player as James Harden. Basketball is a game who play between tow team with five players. if you touch the ball with your leg is foul, if you run with ball in hand is foul. I can’t learn you all rules because are more. Basketball  Is a very beautiful game.

Kejsiana  Monci, 12 years old, Albania

Hello,I am Kejsiana  Monci.I am 12 years old. Everyone in the world may not be perfect in everything but they may be perfect in something. Every person has some talent hidden inside them which will be out some day or the other. Well when it comes to me I can’t say I am perfect but I am good at ‘Painting and Drawing’.I started drawing when I was four . I learn to draw independently. I learnt to imitate drawing nature , buildings , humans and different animals.I love him. I drawing when I have free time and good mood. I like to draw and paint in my leisure time.Because of my regular practice in leisure time has made my drawing well.My parents and relatives admires my drawings.I have got many prizes in drawing related competition. During birthdays of my parents, sister and friends, I gift my best drawings to them.I love to visited some art gallery because there have some amazing pictures.  This is something which makes me happy in doing it and I am gifted with a bit of talent in it So I won’t let it go waste. This is my story and all I want to say is ‘Do what you love’ and ‘Don’t let your talent go waste’. If not for others atleast do it for yourself. It will definitely make you happy.

Jori Stavri, Class VIIB, Albania

Hello. My name is Jori and I am 13 years old. I live in Elbasan of Albania. I study in  ‘’Qamil Guranjaku’’  school. As all the others, and I’ve got a hobby. My hobby is to play football. I play very well and I dream to become a footballer in the future. Currently, I am playing for  ’’ A.F DEAN’’  team. My role is Center Defender . I like a lot my role in this team. I think that my role is very important in this team. I’m very happy that I am playing for this team. Also,  I play football in my free time with my frinds. I love this sport and this is the reason that I play it so often. This sport give me a lot of emotion and fun. I support my friends, when we are losing and they are very said. For me, my team football is like a big family, who we work together to score a goal to the  oppenetes. I am very happy that football is my hobby.

Ema Krumniklová, the Czech Republic

This is actually my big passion. I draw since I was young – I started in kindergarden, or maybe even earlier. My younger me started by drawing princesses, then horses and now I have to draw everything my teacher wants. I am learning to draw faces, figures or just 3D objects. I like to draw insects and plants. I enjoy biology a lot – it is very pleasing to draw what you are interested in.

I have to learn using different materials and techniques. It is great – I found out I am quite good at painting! Besides paint, I enjoy drawing with charchoal, ink and coloured pencils.

Kamila, the Czech Republic

Hello my name is Kamila and I am going to write about my hobby – DANCING. I danced before I learnt how to walk but I started going to dance lessons when I was 3 years old. I dance contemporary style which means that I use my body to express my feelings. I love it because whenever I feel anxious or depressed I just dance and it makes me feel better a lot. And thanks to dancing I have travelled a lot too. I was in France, Belgium, Netherlands and this year we are going to visit Italy. I love dance competitions but it doesn’t matter if I win or not because I just enjoy the moment when I am on stage.

Pavlína Z., the Czech Republic

One of my hobbies is dancing. I dance a discodance, which is very fast dance style. I have been dancing for 4 years. I attend the dance club in Olomouc. I also go to a compulsory ballet where we learn to spin piruettes and strengthen legs and hands, to improve in discodance. Our club is divided into age categories. I dance in the category juniors. I have training twice a week.  On the first half of the year, we learn our formation and second half of the year, we go to the dance competitions. In our formation are 24 girls. Our biggest victory was a year ago, when we were second in the championship of the  Czech Republic.

This is a photo from this year of our formation and our two trainers. This was taken last week, when we won the competition in the Region of Olomouc.

Eda Agovi, 13 years old, Class: VIIB, Albania

A common day for me is divided between school and gym.I go to the gym four times a week.I do aerobic (TAEBO). This acticity lasts one hour.I also do some gynmastics exercises that are a bit challenging and difficult.But at least i have fun and i feel proud of myself.Except the gym ,other hobbies i have are diying,painting etc.I like to diy a lot of old things which are not more usuable.I like to paint nature landscapes or different cartoon characters.Sometimes in the evening when i have much free time ,i like to play the guitar.I’am not very well playing it,but i like it a lot.At least I know to play some of the chords.
For the moment these are the hobbies which i like the most.

Ledion Ago, Class VII C, Albania

Hello.My name is Ledio. I am 13 years old. I live in Elbasan , Albania. I study in “QamilGuranjaku’ school Ihave a hobby.This is football. Football is a  team sport that involve , to varying degrees , kicking a ball to score a goal.I am playing for “FC PEPA” team. This is a great team with a big history. I am a right attacker. I play very well and I dream to become a footballer like Messi.I am very happy that I am playing for this team.This sport give me  a lot of emotion and fun. I try to give my best.I work hard and I try to inspire my teammates when we are lossing.I feel very good when I play. I like this sport because in football hasn’t discrimination and we are like a family.Also, in my free time I play football with my friends in school and in my neighbours. I like football and I love to playing a lot of years.

Stanisław Kałuża, Class 6a, Poland

Football is my hobby. My favourite football clubs are Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, KS Cracovia and Manchester City.My favorite football player is Krzysztof Piątek. His first football club in which he played was KS Cracovia. Now he is playing for the AC Milan football club. He ranks third  place in the table of the league shooters of the Italian league.

I have trained football since 2013. I play for Cracovia football club. I like to watch matches on TV. My favourite sport channel is Eurosport Extra. When I have free time I watch a lot of matches.

Playing computer games is my other hobby. I play football games FIFA 19. I also play FPS games, for example CS Go.

Szymon Golonka, Class 3a, Poland

I like to spend my free time in an active way. During the week I go swimming and running but at the weekend I love to play my  favorite game, which is  Minecraft. It is the best game in the world because you can design your own buildings, structures and mechanisms with a range of useful blocks. The blocks are so cute and I love them. I also like to spend my free time doing sports activities. I am a member of the SPORTWISE YOUNG team and we have workouts four times a week. I like to take part in aquathlon and duathlon competitions. I also love to ride a bike and run.

Nikodem Radwan, Class 5a, Poland

My hobby is baking and cooking. My favorite recipes are ‘Oreo cake’ and ‘Sweet challah’. I put all my heart (sugar) into the cakes, that’s why they are so sweet.  I have a special kitchen robot Kocher Sen. It helps me to mix all of the ingredients. My passion started when I bought mini muffins to bake in a supermarket Auchan. I can’t decorate cakes, cupcakes or muffins. I’m still learning about baking. It’s a lot of fun. When I bake, sometimes I burn something. My mum helps me in baking and decorating in harder recipes.  When I bake, I’m in the other world. I don’t see a mess, I see only the recipe, ingredients and a bowl. My favorite recipes are with yeast. I don’t cook very much. I know only how to make spaghetti and scramble eggs or sandwiches. I have a good nose to proportions of ingredients or seasoning. I love my hobby very much.

I love my hobby

Josef, the Czech Republic

My name is Josef. I am from the Czech Republic. I live in Olomouc.

One of my favourite hobbies is playing chess. I like it because it is a sport but I do not have to move. I play chess for almost five years. I am not very good at it, but I am better than a normal person who thinks he can play it and he is good at it. When I was younger I often won the tournaments, but now I usually play with adults although I am only thirteen years old.

Another thing which I like is playing the piano. I play since I was four years old. So it is nine years. This year I am ending with it and I will play the guitar.

Adéla, the Czech Republic

Kamila, the Czech Republic

Hello my name is Kamila and I am going to write about my hobby – DANCING. I danced before I learnt how to walk but I started going to dance lessons when I was 3 years old. I dance contemporary style which means that I use my body to express my feelings. I love it because whenever I feel anxious or depressed I just dance and it makes me feel better a lot. And thanks to dancing I have travelled a lot too. I was in France, Belgium, Netherlands and this year we are going to visit Italy. I love dance competitions but it doesn’t matter if I win or not because I just enjoy the moment when I am on stage.

Kryštof, the Czech Republic

Now I’m gonna tell about one of my favourite sports, ice hockey. When I was small my father took me to the one of the hockey matches and that is how begun my love to ice hockey. Hockey is a part of a place where I live. In Olomouc we have ice hockey team that play the highest czech ice hockey league called Tipsport extraleague. Olomouc is also place where played David Krejčí, the famous NHL player. MY favourite NHL team is Boston Bruins. Ice hockey in Czech Republic isn’t as popular as in Canada, but our national team is a symbol of toughness and good preparation and this is why we can beat the best ice hockey nations. Part of a hockey that I most admire is ice skating. Spins and fast brakes, trying not to fall after hard hit and so on. I don’t play ice hockey because I’m too old to start playing it on a high level, but I play it with my friends. People don’t play ice hockey because of a lot of reasons but for me ice hockey can be turned to a lot of modifications and this is the reason why it can be played by everyone. I think that is the way how it should be, this is the way how to be part of it.

Anna, the Czech Republic

I am interested in Dungeons and Dragons. For the ones who haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a fantasy role-playing game. I play the Czech version designed by Martin Klíma and published by Altar however I would like to play the original version one day.

Main principles:

First, you have to choose which character would you like to be. You are choosing your race and profession. Then, there are also ability scores (which are similar to both versions). All characters have six basic statistic- Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Charisma. The highest number you get in each ability the better you can use it.

Whole game is lead, by Dungeon Master, a storyteller. He creates maps for the game, describes you the surroundings and a plot. During the game are using dice for creating the ability scores, fighting etc.

Czech version
Original version

My plans for the future

Maja Zając, Class 6a, Poland

In the future I will be a doctor because I want to help people. I might be a teacher, but I’d prefer to be a doctor. Maybe I will live in Cracow, but I don’t know yet. I might have two cats and a hamster. When I am older I want to travel and discover other cultures. I will write an adventure book because I like this kind of books. I would like to meet my idol. I won’t ever bungee jump given that I’m scared of heights. I will be a book illustrator because I love drawing (this is my hobby). I will also travel to the USA to see Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Arneda Llapushi, 13 years old, Class VII, Albania

Hi, my name is Arneda. I’m 13 years old and I’m in 7th grade. About my future I’ve thought a couple of things to do.First I’m going to go on a good middle school, which is in Tirana, and to be honest my parents have wanted to send me there. After finishing middle school I’ve to choose my university. About that I’m going to do university in NYC, America, and I’m going to study for cardiology. I’ve always liked being a doctor, but being a cardiologist came in my mind 2 years ago.

After finishing university I’m going to start a job and then I’m going to buy an apartament. It isn’t going to be amazing at first, but year after year I’m going to collect enough money to buy a big house and then a car. I’m going to get married at the age of 26-27 and I’m going to have just 2 kids. I prefer my husband to be a doctor too and we’re going to live together in our house happily ever after. When it’s going to be retire time I and my husband are going to live in periphery.

Viktor Kalev, Class 6a, Poland

When I grow up the first thing I am going to do is to find a good secondary school and study to get a degree.

After that, I am going to study to become a doctor.

If I become a doctor, I am going to save money to buy myself a house. After that I am going to get myself a car and travel to different countries.

Probably at that time I am going to find a wife and have a wonderful family.

In my free time I am going to play the newest games and for sure I am going to continue swimming.

Natasza Kołodziej, Class 6a, Poland

When I  grow up, I want to go to university  and learn to become a doctor. I will be a doctor. I will work in a hospital and I will help people. I want to set up a private clinic. When I get a job, I will buy myself an apartment and a car. I will probably live in Cracow with my dog. I will earn money, which I can use to travel to many places, for example to Spain or France. My sister wants to live in London, so I will visit her from time to time. In my free time I will be playing computer games and I will be going to the park with my dog. 

My day

Viktor Kalev, class 6a, Poland

I get up at 7:00 am. The first thing I do is to go to the toilet to freshen up, then I make myself a tiny breakfast and at 7:45 I leave for school. We usually have 6 lessons, but I am going to talk about Wednesday when we have 7 lessons. The first is maths, then Polish, 2 PE lessons ,music, RE and last but not least English. After the lessons have ended I go home for lunch, relax a bit watching YouTube, play a little bit on my computer and then I start doing my homework. After the homework has been done I leave for maths classes at 5:00 PM. When I come home, it is around 7:00 pm. I take a shower, eat dinner with my family, check Librus (online gradebook) if I have any test tomorrow. If I don’t have any, I start playing computer games. Around 10:30 pm I brush my teeth, read “The ice monster” for around 30 minutes and at 11:00 pm I go to bed.

Stanisław Kałuża, Class 6a, Poland

On Thursday, I get up at half past eight. I brush my teeth and have a shower . Then I eat breakfast. I go to school at half past nine. I start school ten to nine and I have 6 lessons: science, Maths, Polish, English and two PE lessons. I finish school fifteen past two. I go home by bike. When I arrive home, I do my homework. If I have a test, I learn for it. When I have free time, I watch TV, play computer games and sometimes in summer I ride a bike and swim in the swimming pool. In the evening I eat dinner, brush my teeth and at half past eleven I go to bed.

Arsen Chrustek, Class 6a, Poland

Although every day is different, I will describe things which I usually do.

I usually get up at 6:40 a.m. Then I get dressed and eat breakfast. When I’m ready, I go to school at 7:25 a.m. Lessons start at 8 o’clock. I usually have 6 or 7 lessons and finish at 14:20. When I get back home, I eat dinner.

Then I do my homework and rest for a few minutes. I don’t have too much time to relax, because every day I have additional activities, like table tennis, maths, English, German and Physics.

I return home at around 7 p.m. and continue doing homework, and studying for tests. Before going to bed, I take a shower. I usually fall asleep at 11 p.m.

Zdzisław Hanasiewicz, Class 3a, Poland

On week days I always get up at 7:00 o`clock. Then I eat breakfast and brush my teeth. After that I get dressed and I play computer games. At 7:45 I go to school. Usually I have four or five lessons but on Tuesday I go swimming. When I am at school I eat packed lunch during a break. It`s always bread with ham and butter.

On Monday at half past two I have a football training. On Tuesday I have German lessons at home at twenty to two and then at five o`clock. On Wednesday at quarter past three I go to the Austrian Institute for my German lesson. On Thursday at half past one I have an English lesson at home.

Then at five o`clock I usually have dinner. After dinner I do my homework. At about half past eight I have supper. At half past nine I go to sleep.

My weekends are totally different. I wake up at about half past nine. On Saturdays I play football matches with Deichmann. On Sundays I relax. My favourite day is Saturday because I play football all day.

Ziemowit Hanasiewicz, Class 6a, Poland

I wake up at 7AM and then I eat my breakfast (cereal with milk). When I’m done eating, I go to the bathroom to wash myself a little bit, use some deodorant and clean my teeth. I check if I have packed everything for school and then I have some free time for myself to use my mobile phone.
I go to school at 7.45. Usually I have 6 or 7 lessons and then I have extra lessons (like private English lessons), also two times a week after lessons I have parkour exercises.
When I come back home, I eat lunch, I do my homework and then I play computer games because I really like it. It’s my favourite part of the day actually, because I can rest playing some computer games I like.
About 7PM I pack my backpack for the next school day, so I don’t have to do it in the morning. Then I wash myself. After that I eat something, and I play some games again. When I’m done playing I go to bed and I fall asleep around 11PM.

Kacper Kwiecień, Class 6a, Poland

I usually wake up at 6:57. I wash myself, get dressed, and next, I have breakfast, for example: a sandwich or bread with ham. I drink tea with lemon or orange juice. Then I go to school by tram. I have about six lessons there. My favourite is English J.

After school I go with my friends to Galeria Kazimierz. My favourite shop is Empik. After that I go back home and I do my homework. Generally speaking, we have a lot of homework, but most of this is maths exercises. When I finish my work, I have free time.

In my spare time I play computer games (for examples: „Overwatch”,”Assasin creed syndicate”), I watch YouTube and I read books or drink tea. I also go for a walk with my friends or play football with them.

In the evening I pack up to school and watch television or listen to the music. And finally I eat supper and go to bed.